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We are very proud that EHL is recognized as having a positive influence on standards of quality and professionalism within the real estate sector. Our commitment to acting responsibly in all of our business relations with partners and clients has been recognized on numerous occasions in the form of both industry and non-industry awards. We are committed to social awareness, which is fundamental to our business ethics and also regard it as our duty -as a member of the leading real estate associations- to establish these values within the real estate sector.

ÖGNIAs one of Austria’s leading real estate advisors, EHL Immobilien has been awarded an ethical certification by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft) for ethical business management. The certificate was awarded after five months of on-going verification by an independent auditor. The standards to be met concern proper and comprehensive customer information, transparency regarding the service process and the efficiency of measures implemented by the company with regards to potential problem areas such as conflicts of interest when working for sellers and buyers or in dealing with corruption. We are very pleased that the quality and correctness of the dedication from all our employees has been recognised.

Immy AwardAs Austria’s leading real estate advisor, EHL Immobilien has been repeatedly presented with the IMMY in Gold, which is the highest prize for quality awarded to Viennese estate agents. The IMMY is presented by the Real Estate Trustees Division of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. The prize is given to real estate companies providing customers with the best and highest quality of service in the residential real estate sector. This award is all the more significant as in the private residential sector (as opposed to the commercial property sector) responsibility towards the client is of even greater importance as tenants or purchasers themselves are not usually experts in property matters. This poses greater challenges for the estate agent and EHL Immobilien takes this responsibility very seriously indeed.

Cäsar AwardEvery year outstanding performances in the real estate industry are honoured with the “Cäsar” in seven categories. At first the candidates are rated by public votes. Afterwards a jury of experts choose a winner out of the finalists. Every candidate must be a natural person. Every year employees of EHL are between the finalists. This indicates our continuously growing competence. Michael Ehlmaier was already awarded the “Cäsar” in two categories. In 2007 he was honoured as real-estate agent of the year and in 2009 he received the “Cäsar” as real-estate manager of the year. In 2011 Alexandra Ehrenberger was the first woman to receive the “Cäsar” in the category real-estate agent of the year 2011.In 2012 Sandra Bauernfeind, head of residential properties, prevailed over 300 local highly-qualified real-estate agents and was awarded the “Cäsar” for real-estate agent of the year 2012. In 2014 EHL was presented with two awards. Franz Pöltl, Managing Director of EHL Investment Consulting, was awarded the “Cäsar” for real-estate agent of the year 2013 and Daniela Gassner, Consultant in the Valuation Department, received the “Junior Cäsar”. In 2015 Sandra Bauernfeind received additionally to the “Cäsar” 2012 another one in the category of “real estate service provider 2014”. The list of “real estate agents of the year 2014” has been continued by Stefan Wernhart, Head of office properties. Therefore EHL received eight “Cäsars”, more than any other company within the real estate industry. .

EN 15733 ZertifizierungEHL was the first company in Austria to be accredited with the recently revised European standard for services of real estate agents EN 15733 for the fourth time in accordance in 2015. The certification is valid for all fields of business, including property services, commercial, retail and investment property services as well as property valuation and consulting.

Immobilienmarken AwardEHL was able to achieve in 2015 once more the highest rating as the most valuable brand in Austria in the categories Real Estate Agent and Asset Management by the Real Estate Brand Award. EHL has received the Real Estate Brand Award in several categories since 2011..

ÖGNIEHL Immobilien, one of Austria’s leading real estate advisors, was presented with the Award of Excellence as Austria’s best real estate advisor by the renowned financial magazine “EUROMONEY”. After 2011 and 2013 EHL Immobilien is the first company to be awarded for a third time in 2015. In addition to the award in the main category best “Advisor and Consultant”, EHL Immobilien also reached first place in the special assessments “Letting”, “Valuation” and “Research”. The ranking is based on the results of a survey questioning 500 experts in the real estate industry. Being voted Number 1 in the most important Europe-wide ranking in our industry is a clear indication for us to keep to our chosen path and continue to focus on ensuring customer satisfaction with the high quality services we provide as the basis for our success.

Find my HomeIn accordance with strict guidelines and user assessments, we have received the seal of approval as a certified high-quality real estate agent from one of Austria’s most popular real estate internet sites.