Residential  Investment

Residential Investment

Profitable, Stable value. Reliable.

Security and sustainability are the highest priorities when making investments in the future. Real estate is stable in value despite all forms of inflation and thus forms a solid foundation for the stable formation of capital. An investment in real estate offers the investor a long-term and steady income.

As investor, you generate income from renting and leasing thereby benefiting from tax optimisation opportunities and our expertise in investment properties, the developer's model (scheme for tax-advantageous development of residential properties) and investment properties:

  • Independent advice as real estate service provider without development activities
  • Strategic co-operation with the main suppliers in the residential investment sector provide a vast choice of investment models in terms of location, size and price category.
    • » Properties are not included in our broad offer portfolio before a positive plausibility test has been performed
    • » Products tailored to the customer's needs"
  • Understanding of the market and the potential lessees thanks to our long-term market leadership
    • » Minimisation of vacancy risk
    • » Optimisation of leasing success
    • » Lease management
  • Leasing success with over 1,000 flats per year
  • High-quality, objective firsthand support

For further information on the individual investment models please click here:

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