EHL Real Estate Group

Corporate Mission

We stand for

  • ... The highest standards in quality
  • ... Independence
  • ... Highly professional and personal service
  • ... Sustainable investment in our employees
  • ... Transparent, true and responsible consulting
  • ... Long-term customer relationships
  • ... Financial success combined with social consciousness
  • ... Highly motivated employees
  • ... Family-friendly workplace
  • ... Humanity, integrity and fairness towards our business partners, customers and employees

EHL was the first company in Austria to be accredited with the recently revised European standard for services of real estate agents EN 15733 for the fourth time in accordance in 2015. With this evaluation, performed by external and independent bodies, we can guarantee our customers that all information received is subject to the best possible protection and will be used only within the scope of the contract awarded.

The certification applies to all business activities, amongst others, to retail, office, retail, investment as well as valuation and consulting activities.

We are pleased that EHL Immobilien has been presented with the 2014 Gold IMMY – the prize for quality from the Real Estate Trustees Division of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce (Fachverbandes der Immobilien- und Vermögenstreuhänder der Wirtschaftskammer Wien). This is proof that we provide first-class services. The assessment and rating of the evaluation were carried out by a panel of independent experts.

EHL is a founding member of the Austrian Society for a Sustainable Real Estate Industry (Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft - ÖGNI). As such, we act in harmony with the ecology, economy and social aspects, in accordance with the interests of society as a whole.

We also play a full role in the association of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and see it as a natural part of what we do to implement social aspects such as integrity and ethical trading and to establish these aspects within the industry.