Rental Apartments

Flexibility without unexpected costs: For many Austrians, a rental apartment is the property of choice for good reason. [CA#1] Roughly 43% of all Austrians lived in a rental apartment in 2017 according to Statistik Austria – and the trend is pointing upwards in the major population centres.

Your perfect Apartment

The advantages are obvious, but finding the right rental apartment is not always easy. At EHL Wohnen, we have set a goal to help our customers find the perfect apartment.

Whether your plans call for a practical two-room apartment or a prestigious older building: We can find the right property for you. To help our team compile an ideal selection, we need some information in advance on your preferences: Because size, location, fittings and budgets play an important role in this search.

The checklist for your perfect rental apartment

The purchase of a condominium is a big step. That’s why it is even more important to make sure the dream property really meets your personal needs! With EHL Wohnen, you have a committed service partner who will lead you step by step to your perfect condominium. Our first priority is to help you define your wishes and needs:


  • Which district or area are you interested in?
  • Which floor would you prefer?
  • How large should the apartment be (minimum and maximum size)?
  • How many rooms should the apartment have?
  • Should the apartment have any special features? (e.g. barrier-free access)
  • Do you prefer a new building or an old building?
  • What equipment/furnishings should the apartment have? (e.g. balcony, bathtub, garage, carport, kitchen, elevator)
  • Should your future condominium include a garden?
  • What is the maximum price you expect to pay for the apartment?
  • What type of connections to public transportation are required?

Did you find the answers? Perfect, then take a look at our available properties and make an appointment with our customer representative. And if you didn’t find the ideal apartment, we will be happy to register your search criteria and automatically inform you of additional rental apartments that meet your requirements.

First-class service

First-class service

As proof of the first-class quality of our services, we are pleased to report that EHL Immobilien has received the IMMY in Gold – a quality award presented by the Association of Real Estate and Asset Management Trustees of the Vienna Economic Chamber – for the fifth time. The evaluation and rating for this award were carried out by an independent expert jury.