Imperial Living

1010 Vienna Imperial Living

Luxury apartments in a listed building
Imperial lofts & sky view penthouse
Concierge service
Private underground garage
Room heights up to 7 metres
Purchase price on request


At the heart of the once bustling communications centre of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, an unusual world is under development through the extensive renovation of an impressive listed, free-standing building and the extension of the top floor.

History & Future


On five floors and in the attic, a total of 39 exclusive city residences are being built in the old building and in the newly built attic storey. Particularly unique are the partially two-storey lofts or former state rooms with areas between about 220 m² and 500 m² and up to about 7 m ceiling height. On the mezzanine ground, around 1,250 m² of spacious and attractive office space is being built.

A concierge in the elegant lobby, a private wine cellar and personal delivery boxes are available for future residents. An underground garage directly in the building allows for comfortable, on-site parking.


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