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Apartment or house? Terrace, balcony or garden? How many rooms? Which price is possible? There are so many questions to answer when looking for your next home. No matter whether you decide to rent a flat or to own one, our team will be happy to advise you. 

Use our detailed search to define the criteria for your property search. In this way you will receive properties that meet your spatial and price expectations. Find the ideal apartment or house in your desired location and look forward to your new home.    


We have not seen each other as a pure housing broker for some time now - the consulting aspect will become even more prominent in the coming years.

DI Sandra Bauernfeind FRICS

Managing Partner
EHL Wohnen GmbH
Chartered Surveyor


Luxury Real Estates


At the highest level

For those who value the highest standards of luxury and quality, we have a range of exclusive properties that impress with their excellent location and exceptional architecture.

To the luxury real estate


Our team is at your disposal to fulfill your wishes to the utmost satisfaction.

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