EHL and Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just a slogan for us. ESG criteria are an integral part of our business actions and we have been acting in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for years in order to make our contribution to a more sustainable society that conserves or preserves resources.

The EHL Sustainability Report

In our Sustainability Report, we document our comprehensive commitment to optimising ecological and social sustainability. In addition, a detailed catalogue of goals was created for the next five years, in which improvements in numerous sustainability-relevant key figures and corporate goals were defined and quantitatively fixed. 

This voluntary report was prepared in accordance with the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative 2021 (GRI) for the 2022 business year and audited by the external auditor BDO Assurance GmbH.


Memberships and Certifications

As active members of renowned real estate associations, we contribute to the promotion of sustainability in the real estate industry. These certifications and memberships underline our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

VÖPE member

EHL Immobilien has been a supporting member of VÖPE, the independent association of Austrian real estate project developers, since 2022.

ÖGNI Founder Member

As a founding member of ÖGNI, EHL has long been committed to projects that take into account the interests of society as a whole, ecology, economy and social aspects.