Investment Consulting

The EHL group is your ideal partner for property acquisitions and sales. As an interface between the seller and investors, we can provide a personalised selection of properties for potential investments as well as objective, competent and comprehensive advising for property sales.

Acquisition & Sale

Individual investment strategies require specially designed solutions. EHL Investment Consulting supports you from the initial analysis of your personal requirements to project-related advising and the realisation of your optimal investment strategy. We assist institutional as well as private investors in the search for suitable properties.

Market Know-How & Competence

EHL offers you an excellent national and international network, thorough market knowledge, long-term know-how, a highly specialised team of consultants, market consistent valuations and optimal property presentation. A select team of specialists supports you during the entire phase of your property purchase or property sale, from basic property valuation and expert advice to successful sale.


The routine monitoring and analysis of local markets and continuous dialogue with customers form the foundation for the development of competitive products by EHL Immobilien. The EHL reports and analyses include facts & figures on markets and locations in the commercial, residential and investment sectors and create a solid basis for focused investment and site decisions. Based on the extensive experience of our staff over many years, EHL is optimally positioned to provide a competent and realistic interpretation and assessment of the real estate markets.

The investment services provided by EHL Immobilien cover the following:

The services provided by EHL Immobilien include: 

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office properties
  • Residential properties
  • Studenthousing
  • Commercial properties
  • Logistic properties
  • Land
  • Hotel properties
  • Real estate portfolios
  • Real estate projects

Portfolio Management

EHL provides comprehensive portfolio management for institutional as well as private investors. Our broad range of services covers:

  • Development of strategies (investment, divestment, asset management)
  • Calculation and evaluation of indicators (controlling and reporting)
  • Portfolio analysis and definition of measures
  • Market monitoring (opportunity & risk analysis)
  • Yield optimisation and risk diversification

Investment Team

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