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A safe investment, freedom in design and the selection of materials, no more rental payments and value for generations: It’s no coincidence that a condominium is the goal for many people in Austria. However, the purchase of a condominium is a decision that requires careful consideration and good planning, after all a great deal of money is involved in both the purchase and the sale. At EHL, we are ready to explain the potential costs and assist you as a reliable advisor and broker.


The checklist for your perfect condominium

The purchase of a condominium is a big step. That’s why it is even more important to make sure the dream property really meets your personal needs! With EHL Wohnen, you have a committed service partner who will lead you step by step to your perfect condominium. Our first priority is to help you define your wishes and needs:

  • Which district or area are you interested in?
  • Which floor would you prefer?
  • How large should the apartment be (minimum and maximum size)?
  • How many rooms should the apartment have?
  • Should the apartment have any special features? (e.g. barrier-free access)
  • Do you prefer a new building or an old building?
  • What equipment/furnishings should the apartment have? (e.g. balcony, bathtub, garage, carport, kitchen, elevator)
  • Should your future condominium include a garden?
  • What is the maximum price you expect to pay for the apartment?
  • What type of connections to public transportation are required?

Condominums - Sale

Would you like to sell your condominium? Your property is certainly the perfect location for someone else. But how much is your apartment worth and what is the maximum price you can realise?

At EHL Wohnen, our expert team is available to advise you and make sure potential buyers can find your apartment. 

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For those who value the highest standards of luxury and quality, we have a range of exclusive properties that impress with their excellent location and exceptional architecture.

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The routine monitoring and analysis of local markets and continuous dialogue with customers form the foundation for the development of competitive products by EHL Immobilien. The EHL reports and analyses include facts & figures on markets and locations in the commercial, residential and investment sectors and create a solid basis for focused investment and site decisions. Based on the extensive experience of our staff over many years, EHL is optimally positioned to provide a competent and realistic interpretation and assessment of the real estate markets.


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