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An investment apartment is an apartment that is not occupied by the owner, but rented out. It represents a popular and perfect form of investment for anyone who is looking for value appreciation combined with low risk. We would be happy to explain the potential opportunities and risks and provide you with the necessary support as a reliable and independent advisor.


The checklist for your perfect investment apartment

Are you looking for a long-term investment opportunity? With EHL Wohnen, you have a committed service partner who will lead you step by step to your perfect investment apartment. Our first priority is to help you define your wishes and needs:

  • Which district or area are you interested in?
  • How large should the apartment be (minimum and maximum size)?
  • How many rooms should the apartment have?
  • Does it have a diverse infrastructure?
  • How are the connections to public transportation?
  • Do you prefer a new building or an old building?
  • What is the maximum price you expect to pay for the apartment?
  • Do you possibly plan to live in the apartment after you retire or are you purchasing the apartment for your children?

Vision for the future

The purchase of an investment apartment converts your capital into a tangible asset which can increase in value in two possible ways. On the one hand, you receive rental income each month. This income is regularly adjusted in line with the relevant index and therefore rises with the inflation rate. On the other hand, your apartment can increase in value due to the development of the location and public transportation connections as well as the growing infrastructure and general demand for housing.


Would you like to invest in one or more investment apartments?

We will be happy to support you in your search and send you suitable offers, taking into account your criteria.


Allround Service

Take advantage of our all-round service. We not only assist you with the purchase and sale of your real estate, but are also happy to take over the subsequent rental and management of your property for our buyers, thus offering an all-round carefree package. Our experts would be happy to arrange a meeting for in-depth and personal advising to meet your individual needs!


Luxury Real Estates


At the highest level

For those who value the highest standards of luxury and quality, we have a range of exclusive properties that impress with their excellent location and exceptional architecture.

To the luxury real estate


The routine monitoring and analysis of local markets and continuous dialogue with customers form the foundation for the development of competitive products by EHL Immobilien. The EHL reports and analyses include facts & figures on markets and locations in the commercial, residential and investment sectors and create a solid basis for focused investment and site decisions. Based on the extensive experience of our staff over many years, EHL is optimally positioned to provide a competent and realistic interpretation and assessment of the real estate markets.


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